Hirata Engineering Europe specially offers turn key systems as well as standard equipment as palletizer, SCARA robots, Linear axes robots, controls and software for automotive industry. Together with our mother company in Japan we realized also larger power train projects.
The production of semiconductor products requires special knowledge of theirs production technology and theirs products. Hirata Engineering offers a broad variety of standardized production equipment as clean room robots, EFEMs, FOUP opener, prealigner including controls and software. These equipment is made for the highest clean room class and full fill highest demands of semiconductor production.
Work pieces produced by plastic moulding process are sensitive and complex formed. For transporting and buffering of these parts trays are best fitting. Hirata Engineering Europe offers Palletizer and Depalletizer which can be placed in front of a plastic moulding machine. The handling robot of the machine can put the work piece directly into the tray.
Hirata Engineering Europe offers solutions for full or half automated production equipment of work pieces of electronic and mechatronic products. Our solutions base upon our semi-standard and standard products like Palletizer, SCARA robots and Linear axes including controls and software.
Hirata Engineering Europe offers solutions for the assembly cells of medical devices as Insulin pens or inhalators. Our semi-standard and standard products as Palletizer, SCARA robots, Linear axes robots, including controller and software, are fitting these requirement.