Odd shaped component insertion

We are offering full-automated system with robots for odd shaped component insertion. This cell consists of feeders, PCB conveyor, Insertion and Clinch robot.
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Components for feeders


Technical Data

Model HRI-4340C HRI-8344S
Insertion Cartesian robots SCARA robots
Insertion head four heads
Operation panel touch screen LCD
Controller Cell controller (HARL III)
Insertion program 30 programs with 10 components
Pcb size min 80 x 150 mm max. 250 x 330 mm
Flow direction of pcb left to right or right to left
Conveyor height ca. 900 ± 50 mm above floor (SMEMA)
Conveyor speed 20 m/min
Max. pcb weight max. 2 kg
Transport medium carrierless through belt
Component feeder axial-, radial tape, stick, bulk, tray
Insertion direction vertical, orientation free programmable
Insertion time approx. 3 s without / 4 s with clinch
Clinch Method fixed anvil block Clinch robot
Positioning bolt setting on the anvil plate free programmable
Change exchange of anvil plate program selection
Numbers of clinch tools depending on size and position of clinch tools four
Clinch direction inwards, outwards and sidewards
Clinch angle 45° - 75°
Dimensions length: 850 mm
depth: 1500 mm
hight: 2000 mm
length: 1200 mm
depth: 1600 mm
hight: 2000 mm
Operation conditions 20°C ± 10°C
Supply voltage 230 VAC 50/60Hz
Air pressure 5 bar
Weight 400 – 500 kg 600 – 700 kg