Adhesive bonding and Adhesive potting

In case of dispensing of adhesive we differ between Potting and bonding/Beading. For both processes we are offering solutions for 1K and 2K material and are using well known dispenser makers.

For poisitioning the dispenser head we are using Cartesian robots because of high path accuracy and higher payload. Also piping from pump to dispenser is much easier then other robot mechanism.

Auftrag Kunststoffmasse

  • robot model:
    CRZF-N 2020
  • pcb size:
    300 mm x 400 mm
  • cycle time:
    3 s each work piece
  • payload:
    dispenser 15 kg
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Dispensing of 1k material

  • robot model:
    CR2ZF-N 1515
  • product size:
    100 mm x 10 mm
  • work piece:
    plastic housing
  • cycle time:
    7 s each work piece
  • Payload:
    Dispenser 15 kg
Further details