Soldering robot cell LRZ series

The soldering robot cell, LRZ series, is developed for stable and better quality for soldering process at the same or even less cycle time than manual soldering. The typical soldering processes are:

  • Touch-up or resoldering of solder spot after soldering bath
  • Soldering on the component side of PC board for jumper wires, connectors, switches and so on
  • Making solder joints between PCB
  • Making solder joints between pins and housing on the board
  • Making solder joints between metal frame and PCB
  • Soldering of odd shaped components with leads at SMD- PCB


On your specific requirements we design and integrate the entire soldering robot cell including conveyor system, fixtures or turning tables for presenting the work piece to the soldering robot.

The soldering robot cell consists of the soldering tool, the SCARA or cartesian robot, touch screen operation panel, robot base and safety fence.

For the stable soldering process control we are using the robot controller. This cell controller using HARL-III robot language for the optimized soldering motion and to set individual solder parameters at each spot such as pre/postheating times soldering times and cleaning cycles. The soldering spots are programmed by Teach-in method and the solder parameters can be entered by touch screen panel.

Technical Data

  • Solder iron
    Ersa Powertool 80 W
  • Solder tip temperature
    infinitely adjustable
  • Temperature range
    150°C to 450°C
  • Temperature display
    3-digit display
  • Temperature monitoring
    yes, threshold monitoring
  • Touch force of solder tip
    1,5 to 20 N
  • Tin feeding method
    infinitely adjustable by DC motor
  • Tin feeding speed
    1 – 15 mm/s manual adjustable
  • Tin diameter
    0,7 to 2,0 mm
  • Tin presence monitoring
    yes, supply and feeding
  • Size of tin roll
    max. 1 kg roll
  • Weight
    1,3 kg without tin roll
  • Power supply soldering tool
    24 VDC 0,5 A
  • Power supply solder iron
    230 VAC 50 Hz
  • number of solder programs
    max. 32
  • number of solder spots
    max. 980
  • solder parameter sets
    10 (option 30)
  • solder parameter
    preheating time
    solder time
    postheating time
    cleaning cycles