Auto stocker

For automatic production systems a parts feeder to robot is one of an important element. If orientation and position of work pieces are not accurate, automatic system will not run efficiently. Frequently, sensitive or odd-shaped parts are not suitable for bowl feeders and vision systems will not be economical solution. These parts should be presented by trays which are available in the market and easy to transfer a reuse.

Hirata’s Auto Stocker solves your tray feeding problem economically. The Auto Stocker is designed as tray changing system to palletize or depalletize work pieces by robot. Its accurate positioning, fast tray change time and sufficient storage of trays meet the requirement of your automatic production system. The typical applications for the Auto Stocker are for assembly operation, palletizing for injection moulding machines and loading/unloading work pieces for machine tools.

  • High Efficiency:
    The palletizer in combination with SCARA robot or Gantry robot is able to load or unload trays. Tray feeders for tray dimensions between 300 mm x 200 mm up to 800 mm x 600 mm are available. The maximum of tray stack weight could be 200 kg.
  • Small footprint:
    The tray feeder model AST has a very small footprint and save a lot of factory space because the tray flow is vertically.
  • Full automation:
    In combination with a AGV tray feeders can be load and unload automatically.


Flexible trolley-autostocker for palletizing of variable palette heights for use with commercially available trolleys

Pallettierer AST

Pallettierer AST

Pallettierer AST


LCP 600E