Cleanroom robots

The development and manufacturing of the clean room robots based on the long and detailed experiences of Hirata’s robot technology. These robots can be easily and very efficiently integrated into automatic semiconductor machine. The robots are conform with mandatory SEMI standards.

  • Small foot print:
    Therefore no disturbance of laminar air flow inside of clean room.
  • Optimized Motion features:
    Therefore higher throughput possible.
  • Optional Flap device:
    With optional flap device wafer can be turned upside down.
  • Maintenance less robot arm:
    No greasing, low maintenance cost

Atmospheric type robot AR-Wn230CL

Atmospheric type robot AR-Wn180CL

High-Vacuum type robot AR-Wn Series


Vacuum type robot AR-Wn Series


EFEM’s – Equipment Front End Modules are turn key wafer handling units consist of robot, pre-aligner, load ports and machine housing. The design and functions are adapted to customer’s requirement.

  • High Throughput
  • Small foot print
  • Certified according ISMI 2009

450 mm - 4 Port

450 mm - 3 Port

450 mm - 2 Port

300 mm - 4 Port

300 mm - 2x2 Port

300 mm - 2 Port


Wafer can be centred and orientated by Hirata’s pre-aligner.

  • Touchless and sensor controlled
  • Very quick and high precisely orientation of standard and notch wafers
  • For wafer sizes selectable: 6”, 8”, 12” and 8”/12”

450 mm Prealigner

300/200 mm Prealigner

200/150 mm Prealigner

300 mm edge grip Prealigner


Our FOUP openers are designed for handling of FOUP (Front Opening Unified Pods) and FOSB (Front Opening Shipping Boxes) and are available for wafer size 8” and 12”.

  • Relaiable opening and closing of FOUP and FOSB
  • Integrated mapping function
  • For wafer sizes 8”, 12” and 18”